How it works

Fast, simple, secure.

The first step is to register as a candidate participant. This one-time process takes only a few minutes and creates your user account with all the information we need to work on matching your profile with the right research study. All of your information is kept securely in our system and it's never shared with any unaffiliated third parties.

Once registered, you become part of our eligible pool of participants. The moment we have a potential fit for a study, we will contact you with final screening questions based on the criteria required by our client for that specific study. Not all participants will always be confirmed after the screener, and we will let you know one way or the other in real time. If confirmed, you are all set and on your way to an exciting market research session!

In addition, as registered participant you are always welcome to check our upcoming studies section for public postings of events in your area and apply directly for consideration if you feel the study would be a good match for you. We will review all applicants that express interest, and we will follow up with a phone call or email if there is a potential fit.

Finally, please be mindful that due to the rigorous criteria specified by our clients, it may be some time before we have an ideal participation opportunity for you. It is impossible for us to tell when this might happen due to the very nature of the process, but we can assure you that we work diligently to create as many opportunities for our members as possible.